Monday, October 2, 2017

ICYMI - NFL: Nutty For Liberals w/ Civil Rights Attorney Robert Patillo

NOTE: This show was recorded prior to the tragic events in Las Vegas. Everyone here at BEL is keeping those effected by the shooting in our thoughts and prayers. 

This week, BEL welcomes the FIRST Democrat to come as a guest on the show! Gene discusses NFL protests with self-identifying "Conservative Democrat", Civil Rights attorney and Atlanta-area radio show host, Robert Patillo. Together, they break down the legalities and the politics of the recent NFL protests against... well... whatever is being protested.

Now, we don't normally rub elbows with Democrats, but Robert Patillo proved to be a thoughtful, common-sense political pundit. Robert brings a dynamic “centrist” viewpoints which engages viewers in ways unmatched by any other voice in the public discourse. With connections that stretch both nationally and abroad, he brings the voice of the voiceless to the national spotlight and is apologetic in his passion for progressive social change.

Currently he hosts “People, Passion and Politics” on CBS Radio Atlanta on News and Talk WAOK AM 1380 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm where he gives his listeners no nonsense commentary and discussions on many prevailing issues and subject matter.

I have to say, I was impressed with him and look forward to our future interactions!

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  1. Robert Patillo is my favorite personality. I do follow him regularly.I have not missed any of his interview ever.These days I am following him on People, Passion and Politics on CBS Radio Atlanta.


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