Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ICYMI - Kevin & Sam Sorbo - And Their New Movie "Let There Be Light"

Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo, Behind Enemy Lines Radio
We are thrilled to welcome Kevin and Sam Sorbo back to the show!  Appearing together, Kevin and Sam have put together an amazing movie being released on October 27th - Let There Be Light.

Directed by Kevin and co-written by Sam, Let There Be Light introduces audiences to world-famous atheist Dr. Sol Harkens (played by Kevin), who delights in debating and defeating Christians, but is emotionally empty. Isolated from Katy (played by Sam), the wife he divorced following the harrowing loss of their first son, and a lousy part-time dad to their two younger boys (Kevin and Sam's sons!), his self-destruction culminates in a car crash that leaves him clinically dead for four minutes. The four-word message from that experience challenges his convictions, sending him into a panicked tailspin. Reluctantly leaning on his family’s forgiveness, love and faith, Sol struggles to find meaning and purpose in the words “LET THERE BE LIGHT.”

From the looks of the reactions from previews, this is a great movie!

We talk about the creative process that culminated into this film, the challenges of balancing work, family and faith, and how their work has been accepted in Hollywood.

Speaking of which, the film sets the backdrop for a great juxtaposition with the Emmy Awards and the politicization of consumer "art". Coming off of another ratings stinker, Gene discusses how the biggest star of the show - and the most talked about person - wasn't even in attendance! Is President Trump taking permanent residence in Hollywood's head?

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  1. The movie touches on a controversial topic about how many consider atheism and faith to e synonomous to darkness and light respectively. Wonderful execution.


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