YRs: Help Me Find Who Called My Friend Kory Boone A N-----

YRNF Candidate Called The N-Word
Hangin' Out At the Pig & Whistle in NYC
UPDATE: Should the person responsible for the below recording come forward to me privately either via social media or email to gberardelli@gmail.com, and offers to call my friend and apologize directly for his words, I am inclined to end my search for you.

Until then, this posts stays. 

This is a personal plea for help.

On the right is a photo of me with my friend Kory Boone. I met Kory through mutual friends a few CPACs ago, where he was one of many new friends that helped Russ and I throw one epic party. Since then, Kory and I have had some great times, hanging out at different political events, and mostly fighting over his poor choice of sports teams.

I mean really, the Eagles?

Anyways, over the years, Kory has also grown into a role as a young Republican leader, moving up the ranks to become the State Chair of the Maryland Young Republicans, as well as becoming a national YR leader. He's even running for YRNF National Chair. Like all his friends, I am proud of him.

But I have to say, this election has always been a point of contention with me and Kory. I get it - he loves being a YR leader. I never did. But he's my bro and I support him. However, I truly believe, as I told him so many times, he doesn't get the extra "shine" from being a part of a marginal-at-best organization - his membership gives that feckless clique more credibility. Because Kory has more political cred for being "Kory Boone" than YRNF could ever give him.

Which brings me to the ugliness for which I need YOUR help - listen to this anonymous message left for a mutual friend of ours that involves Kory and his YRNF candidacy - WARNING - the language is vulgar and offensive:

Check this out on Chirbit

Yes, you heard exactly what you think you heard - a person (if you want to call it that) with knowledge of Kory's YRNF candidacy, calling him the N-Word.

Here is what I know about this P.O.S.:  I can tell you that the call came from a blocked number. I can also tell you that I edited out the recipient's name to spare her the burden of putting this out there herself. I can also tell you that Kory was not the source of the recording.

Here is what I don't know:  Who this disgusting excuse for a human being is.

This is where you can help.

I am not in YRNF.  I am not even in any State YR organization anymore. So I cannot identify who this is.

But maybe you can. Maybe you recognize the voice. Maybe you can share it with others involved in YR politics and find out who others think it is.  And maybe you can comment who it is in the section below.

I am firm believer in the idea that bad YRs grow up to be bad Old Rs. We, as a party cannot tolerate this unacceptable hate.  That's the public utility of this post.

I wish I could tell you that was my sole reason for posting this.

But like I said this is personal.

I want to know who called my friend the N-word.

I want to know who's boss I have to contact and play this for.

And I just want to know who's @$$ I have to kick.

Leave your comments below.
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  1. I like Kory also but... one racist, hateful call to the voicemail of a woman Kory is apparently dating and you imply it was from a republican?

    1. Nope. There are many facts and circumstances that will come to light.

  2. For future reference, *57 flags calls to landlines for identification as 'malicious,' and traces/stores all metadata, even if the number is blocked. On cellphones, the provider is often able to track the call back through the system. In either case, a police report is needed to get the phone company to release the information to the police.

    They would absolutely arrest the caller in this case for harassment.


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