The Clinton Blame Game

The 2016 election season finally concluded this week when the Electoral College officially voted for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to take the helm of the United States in January. So I thought it would be fun to compile the major excuses Hillary Clinton's team, supporters, and pundits have been using to explain the results of the election.

Blame #1 – Russia hacked and released DNC emails to help Trump win the election.

This is the spin of the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC emails by the Clinton coalition. Not the fact that Russia did not cast a vote on a single ballot for Trump. Not the content of the emails including undermining Bernie Sanders’ campaign, preferential treatment between media outlets & Clinton campaign, or the list of donors & their future appointments, all of which DNC chair Donna Brazile claimed were doctored emails when they were first released.

Also, just have to point out the irony of the uproar over an alleged Russian influence on this presidential election, yet these same complainers ignore and actually encourage illegals to vote and influence all elections in this country.

Blame #2 – FBI Director James Comey’s announcement days before the election.

The claim is that Comey’s letter raised doubts that were baseless and stopped Clinton’s momentum 11 days before the election. And the all-clear letter 2 days before the election was even more damaging.

I just can’t get over that Clinton blames the fact that she was not indicted during the two FBI investigations while she was running for president as a reason she lost, not the fact that she was the subject of two FBI investigations while she was running for president as the reason.

Blame #3 – President Obama blamed Fox News for being on in restaurants and bars.

Two reasons this argument is laughable. The first is Fox News existed well before the 2016 election so not sure how he can determine that his former voters from 2008 and 2012 were influenced now by the channel. The second is if Fox News was indeed the go-to channel in these establishments, isn’t that itself more of a reason for Clinton’s loss? That the completely biased news outlets like CNN and MSNBC no longer resonate with the general population and aren't watchable.

Blame #4 – Sanders male supporters and all Trump supporters are sexist.

I chose to end the blame game on this excuse because it is one I saw coming from a mile away. Just like the blame of racism is thrown out so often it has lost all its impact, sexism was an inevitable excuse for Clinton. It’s an easy distraction from some actual reasons she lost (which I note below) using what the Dems use best, tugging at the heartstrings. Our poor daughters, what a terrible example we are showing that a man was elected over a woman. Our sexist country that can’t handle woman in power – mind you, disregard the fact that Kellyanne Conway became the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign on the Republican side. 

I hate to break it to the Clinton coalition, but none of the reasons above are the cause for Hillary losing the election. Rather, it was because of any and all of the following:

-          She was a flawed candidate with a lifetime of baggage
-          She ran a campaign of entitlement and snobbery
-          She took certain states, the middle class, & the African American community for granted
-          She assumed that having the female anatomy would guarantee her 95% of the female vote
-          She ran on an Obama 3rd term but didn't understand that Obama’s approval ratings are more because he’s a likable guy and less about his policies
-          Her foreign policy experience was murky at best

I hope for the sake of this country, those who are still playing the blame game come to their senses and understand they lost for many reasons that might be hard to accept, but accept they must.

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