Thursday, October 13, 2016

“A Government of Laws, and Not of Men.”

Brooklyn Borough Hall
 That is how President John Adams once described the United States. I have heard the quote many times and immediately thought of it when I saw what a modern day Democratic politician (also named Adams) did to Borough Hall in the Peoples Republic of Brooklyn.

From a block away it looked as if I were somehow teleported to a third world dictatorship. I had to get a closer look and this is what I saw my tax money spent on- the glorification of our Most Merciful and Beneficent- Dear Leader, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and his deputy Diana Reyna.

Reminded me of...

Over the top? Maybe. 

Tacky? Hell yeah.

But even more than tacky, it is sad. Too many politicians think it is about them instead of the people they were elected to serve. 

New York is a one-party city and the politicians that rule over us here have a nearly 100% reelection rate unless term-limited out. I wonder why... 


  1. I like what you guys are doing. I would love to be on your show to talk about my book, if you would read it. Can I send a copy along? Thanks.

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