Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ICYMI: TWT Opinion Editor David Keene!

This week, we welcome a good friend of the show, the Opinion Editor of the Washington Times, David Keene, who just released a fantastic new book, "Shall Not Be Infringed", charting the history of the fight against gun control.

Shall Not Be Infringed: The New Assaults on Your Second Amendment is a history of the relatively short gun control debate in America and a revealing description of how those hostile to the Second Amendment use polls, studies, and numbers to confuse the public. Expert progun advocates David Keene and Thomas Mason tell the story of the battle fought in the courts, Congress, and state legislatures across the country as well as in the media and even the United Nations. Guns have become a symbol over which battle after battle is fought, all the while hiding the endgame of a cultural shift to government dominance.

Plus, Gene and Russ discuss whether Hillary Clinton really is that sick or if it's just tin-foil-hat material, and the seeming-implosion of Fox News.

And then, find out how Russ got into a Facebook argument without even having a Facebook account, and the words that prompted one listener to sound off!

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