Wednesday, August 17, 2016

ICYMI: Two White Guys Talking Race Relations

NFL Super Bowl Champion / Author Burgess Owens goes Behind Enemy Lines tonight!

A member of the 1980 Super Bowl Champion Oakland Raiders, Burgess Owens is the author of the new book Liberalism: or How to Turn Good men into Whiners Weenies and Wimps (Post Hill Press, 2016). In his book, Owens goes into, among other topics, the theory of “Race Control” that has been the common theme between todays prominent Liberal Black Americans and their White Democratic Progressive counter-parts.

Owens writes:

“It has been from behind the facade of Blackness that White Progressive Democrats have ingratiated themselves into a trusting Black community. As it was with the original 21 White Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Christian, Race Control founders of the 1910 NAACP, it is today with the White Democratic owners of BET (Black Entertainment TV). It’s 15-year Anti-Police and Anti-American messaging has now metastasized into the anti-Police and violent Black Lives Matter."


Also, Judicial Watch's Chief Investigative Reporter Micah Morrison discusses his explosive investigation into the "People's Republic of New York" to give us all a gruesome look into the newest iteration of Tammany Hall.

All that, plus Russ and Gene review the week that was in politics and current events!

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