Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ICYMI: Oh,The Crazy! It Burns!

Has the world gone COMPLETELY nuts?!?

Whole lotta craziness in the news - Colin Kaepernick sits for the national anthem (in preparation for his role as benchwarmer with the Niners?), Anthony Weiner... i mean, "Carlos Danger" rears his ugly.... you know... again! And Alex Jones trends on Drudge for a "Please don't kill me, Hillary" rant - and thinks Jimmy Kimmel is in on it?!?

To balance it out, talk show host / financial whiz Steve Beaman compares Hillary's and Donald's economic plans in a calm, rational way.

Then back to the crazy - is Donald Trump right in saying that "they" are stealing the election given recent comments from DHS Secretary Johnson talking about taking over the Presidential election administration?!?

All this and more from Gene and Russ!

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