Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ICYMI - Short Circuit (And Gallo's Back!)

Russ Gallo is back in the house - and he's got a LOT to say!

Russ was a away at his annual National Guard unit drill for the RNC, the DNC and all the news in between - over a month without getting it out of his system!  

So tune in to find out his take on Hillary's "Short circuit", her campaign's unbelievable gaffe in letting the father of Omar Mateen into a rally - and within feet of her onstage. And - believe it or not - Russ actually calls out Donald Trump's 2nd Amendment "threat".

Dan Gainor then takes us Behind Enemy (Head)Lines discussing how the liberal media bias pervades this week's news - even the Olympics!

All that, and maybe a bit of #TwoDrinkMinimum Radio as Gallo plays catch-up this week!

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