Sunday, August 7, 2016

More Re-Broadcast Outlets For BEL!

The word is getting out about Behind Enemy Lines Radio, as our re-broadcast networks are growing by leaps and bounds! 

First, BEL's reach on terrestrial radio expands through #RedNationRising Radio, which joins WDDQ Talk 92.1 FM in Adel, GA twice a week.  It's the second station that has picked up RNR's programming, and we are thrilled to be part of the reason the radio network made by and for the grassroots of the conservative movement is growing!

Next, we are extremely honored to have joined as a charter member of Lanterns Radio Network!  The brainchild of our pals Chris Pilie and Trey Roberts, Lanterns is a network of professionals seeking to rejuvenate American Exceptionalism through terrestrial radio, social media, podcasting, and the blogosphere.  Lanterns works to illuminate the truth through grassroots outreach while crossing into the main stream media.  The network is still forming, so as soon as there is a regular schedule, we'll bring it to you!

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