Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ICYMI - DNC Debacle!

Behind Enemy Lines Radio takes on the DNC Debacle! Gene Berardelli runs down the Philadelphia Experiment gone awry, along with a few choice words from Andre Walker! There's even a little bit of singing (not good singing, but that's a matter of taste)

How many things can go wrong at once at the DNC.  From #DNCLeaks to DWS getting boo-ed by her own delegation to Buffoon of the Year Stephanie Rawlings-Blake forgetting the gavel.  And where were those American flags?  Not to mention the "Walls" outside and inside, as well as all the crying Bernie supporters who just found out that Democrats rigged the system.

Then, Gene welcomes Bob Dorigo Jones form Center for America to talk about his Wacky Warning Labels contest winners, as voted on and announced on Stossel!

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