Sunday, April 3, 2016

#HeardAtCPAC: Wonkin' Out On Energy Policy with API's Erik Milito

Let's be honest:  you don't care about energy policy unless you are getting squeezed at the pump or for your home heating bill.  

But, according to American Petroleum Institute's Erik Melito, you should. 

Erik Milito is the director of Upstream and Industry Operations for the American Petroleum Institute. Mr. Milito’s work covers regulatory and legislative matters related to domestic exploration and production, including access to domestic oil and natural gas resources both onshore and offshore. Prior to his current position, Mr. Milito served as API’s managing counsel covering a host of legal issues, including oil and natural gas leasing, royalties, environment, fuels, transportation, safety, and civil justice reform.

Erik joined Amanda Kohut and I during CPAC and we talked about American energy policy, LNG exports, and the impact the nation's energy policy has on the elections. 

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