Monday, March 21, 2016

#HeardAtCPAC: Liberty GB's Paul Weston & Jack Buckby

Photo shamelessly stolen from Jack's Facebook
We taped a lot of interviews at CPAC 2016 - a lot of which we can't fit into the limited airtime we have weekly.  For those interviews, we have created our annual "Heard At CPAC" series, where we will feature great stuff we taped that we want you to hear.

The first interview we present features our friends from the Liberty GB Party, Paul Weston and Jack Buckby. Check out what Liberty GB Party is all about here.

And when I say "friends", let me tell you - the amount of liquor we shared and the stories we could tell (off-air, of course) are some of the best we came back with from CPAC.  I mean, anyone who can convince me to call him the "Third Baron of Dorsett" while proclaiming the BEL Suite as his own to the women he just invited in is awesome by us!

In our latest addition of "Two Drink Minimum Radio", we talk some politics, some Trump, and most importantly, how we can get them to take back Piers Morgan.

It's was one of my favorite (or is it favourite?) interviews we did at CPAC - give it a listen!

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