Wednesday, February 24, 2016

ICYMI: Shaun McCutcheon Talk Money & Politic$

Behind Enemy Lines is sure to blow some liberal minds as we discuss with Shaun McCutcheon - the man who blew the flood gates open for Super PACs in election politics as the litigant in the landmark Supreme Court decision of McCutcheon v. FEC - goes Behind Enemy Lines about the state of money in our political system.

A natve of Alabama, Shaun has not only created a successful career as a registered professional engineer in Alabama, but he also wears many hats in Republican politics - his latest project is heading, a Super PAC that "upports true conservative candidates committed to fighting for freedom of speech and limited government." Oh, and he is a Trump delegate in Alabama (and had lots to say about The Donald!)

Speaking of The Donald, Gene Berardelli breaks down the #NVCaucus, going behind the polling to see who is supporting Trump and why.  

Then, Gene goes through the week in #NewYorkValues, including tales of corruption, insider politics, and sheer out-and-out stupidity. 

All this, plus Andre Walker!  Tune in!

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