#NewYorkValues - It's On You, New York, New York

I turned up more than a few eyebrows by doing something completely out of character for me - when Texas Senator Ted Cruz chose to hold New York in a negative light by talking about "New York Values", I chose to stand with the Senator and snubbed my nose at New York.

So before you get your back up about Texas Senator Ted Cruz talking about "New York Values", think about this, and remember:  you have no one to blame but yourselves.

We are the state that has a revolving door between Albany and our prison system.  In fact, a November 2015 study from the Center for Public Integrity revealed that no other state has more legislators forced out of office by ethical or criminal issues than New York.  New York has more corruption in our recent political history than just about anyplace not named Chicago. I've said it before:  we have had politicians convicted of corruption for accepting bribes to pay off legal fees from past corruption charges (His name was William Boyland!). How many legislative leaders have been imprisoned?  How many governors have resigned in disgrace?  In fact, we have a "corruption clock" on our site to measure how long it's been since the last politician was arrested or convicted. 

And how many corrupt elected officials keep getting re-elected even after bringing shame and dishonor to themselves and our state?  Michael Grimm comes to mind - when facing multiple charges of corruption, Republicans and conservative still supported him.  As predicted, he served long enough to resign, and then use his seat to cut a deal for himself. 

New York City has also become a symbol for the quintessential liberal nanny state.  No other place has more administrative red tape stifling small business.  Nowhere else was soda almost banned, if not for the judiciary.  Nowhere else do we spend millions to give to illegal immigrants so they can take advantage of city services which they should never be entitled .  How far down has quality of life dropped since liberals like Warren Wilhelm (known to you outsiders by his changed name, Bill de Blasio).For goodness sakes, there is a push to allow illegal immigrants to vote in municipal elections - so liberals can win by even greater margins.  

And before you say, "well I'm a conservative Behind Enemy Lines in the People's Republic of New York City" - great. So am I.  But that does not change these facts. And while we are fighting the good fight, make no illusions - we are not on the winning side that often.  

Don't expect change anytime soon when the de facto leader of the New York Democrats, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants all "extreme conservatives" out of "his" state.  (Thank you to commenter "Deweyy" for refreshing my recollection!)

Sure, he can blow sunshine up our butts and talk us up.  But why?  Campaigns for the Presidency are about limited resources, time being the most limited. Why waste the time in a state he knows will be deep blue in November?  

And before you say "delegates", know that the GOP leadership in NY has already mortgaged the farm for Florida Senator Marco Rubio.  There is nothing to be gained for Cruz to blow smoke.  

And before you then say "money", I'll ask you - what money is there for him when the state Republican leadership has gone all in for Rubio?

And finally, if I am being honest, it is my humble opinion that there are more RINOs in the People's Republic of New York than in any African Wildlife Preserve. 

It's a lost cause.

We're a lost cause.

At least for Election 2016. 

So why not use us to rally non-New Yorkers?  Why not point to us as the cautionary tale that we are in order to rally Iowans and New Hampshirans and South Carolinians - all of whom know of New Yorkers superiority complex - and use that to garner support that is still available to him?  It's a shrewd move if it can be done.  

So as a New Yorker, and a conservative, I ain't mad at 'cha Senator Cruz. 

And to my fellow New York conservatives, lighten up. 

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