Monday, November 23, 2015

No "Merry Christmas" Wishes In My Neighborhood

This past week, some new "festive" advertising banners were placed on some lamp posts in my neighborhood along a waterfront avenue in my waterfront neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn in "The People's Republic Of" New York City.  

Guess they don't want to wish me and fellow Catholics and Christians a "Merry Christmas".  Oh, they'll use some common "Christmas" themed graphics and colors.  But the words, or some religious imagery?  Nothing doing.  

Not that "The People's Republic Of" New York City is against using religious iconography in such matters.  After all, there's a Hanukhah Menorah, right?  Double standard, much?  

Now I am not going full-on "war on Christians" and all that.  I leave you to draw your own conclusions. But I will say this:  I'm a little hurt that my own city, borough and neighborhood won't be wishing me and my family a Merry Christmas.  

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