Friday, November 6, 2015

ICYMI - MRC's Dan Gainor On The CNBC Debacle & Media Bias

MRC VP of Business & Culture, Newsbusters' own Dan Gainor, goes back Behind Enemy Lines to talk about that debacle of a debate that occurred last week on CNBC.

Republican presidential campaigns met recently to discuss how to move forward on the remaining debates given what transpired on CNBC. While it remains to be seen which measures will prevail in their list of demands to the networks, one thing is certain: the networks are on notice that left-wing moderators will not be allowed to sabotage GOP primary debates. We'll talk to Dan about his recent contribution to Fox News, get the latest on what may happen next, and more!

Then, Russ and Gene give their take on some recent disturb news that most didn't hear about - like the Obama administrations plan to release thousands of criminals back onto our streets and then the push to "Ban The Box" on federal job applications. 

All this - and WHO YA GOT for Buffoon of the Week! Tune in!

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