Thursday, July 30, 2015

ICYMI - Jack Buckby's View From Across The Pond

Check out that fag.  What!  That's colloquial British for cigarette! 
Behind Enemy Lines goes international this week with the OUtreach Officer for the Liberty GB Party in the United Kingdom, Jack Buckby.  Jack is leading the fight for conservatives in the UK when it comes to the Islamization, or as they say across the pond "Islamisation" of British political and social culture.  And Jack says that America can learn from Grat Britain's mistakes - but there's not much time.  You may not like what you hear.  You may not want to think about this issue.  But take it from us - open your mind and listen without prejudice to what Jack has to say.  If you do, we guarantee that you'll leave the interview questioning - can that happen here?

Then, I try to "keep it real" on two major news issues - Mark Meadows's attempt to oust House Speaker John Boehner and what to do about the ghastly, horrid disgusting Planned Parenthood practices of selling baby parts.

It's a show of "hard truths" that real patriots can deal with head on.  Are you one of those patriots?

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