Thursday, June 25, 2015

ICYMI - Raffi Williams, #NRLC2015 & More!

It's a week of interviews on this week's Behind Enemy Lines! We open with a discussion with Raffi Williams, Deputy Press Secretary from the RNC, who reveals how many debates we'll see on the road to the Republican nomination - hint: It's a lot.

We then were lucky to talk to Michael Rounds from PA's WIlliamson College of the Trades, which is a school that selects students looking for a vocational education - something prevalent in our nation's history but has died out in favor of the era of common core and teaching to the test. Rounds candidly discusses how a move back to the future will benefit job creation.

Then, we reach back into our archives for two dandies. Julie Gunlock, author and senior fellow of the Independent Women's Forum, discusses the "culture of alarmism" and the resulting nanny state that has developed. Then, we re-focus on what conservative goals can be accomplished in Congress this year and beyond.

It's a packed show - listen now

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