Thursday, June 11, 2015

ICYMI - Evan Sayet Goes Behind Enemy Lines!

Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo welcome conservative comedian, satirist and best-selling author Evan Sayet onto the show to talk about his national comedy club tour and his own personal war against political correctness. Evan makes some strong points - political culture does travel downstream to pop culture, and the sooner we on the right recognize that and get into mainstream pop culture, the sooner we start winning the culture war.

And speaking of war, isn't it comforting to know that from August 2014 to now, the Obama Administration STILL doesn't have a "Complete strategy" for ISIS?  Russell Gallo outlines the issue to near perfection - and even unveils an interesting theory:  Obama cares more about "CYA" than he does about winning the War on Terror.

Then Russ and Gene ponder the "profession" of protesting in the context of what is unfolding in McKinley, TX. 

All this, plus WHO YA GOT for Buffoon of the Week?  Vote now!

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