Friday, May 29, 2015

Response From BiblioCommons: We Didn't Change Title of Coulter's Book

"The game is afoot."
BEL fans and contributors put the hard questions to BiblioCommons since news broke about the listing of Ann Coulter's latest book, Adios, America, under the title "Offensive"

And to their credit, BiblioCommons, via their Twitter account, answered them.  And while we here at BEL believe in the idea of "trust, but verify", it is encouraging when people and businesses step up and participate in a dialogue.


So the big question is...

For those (like me) that don't know, ILS stands for Integrated Library System. So does that mean that each library changed the name of Coulter's book?!?

I had to look up what metadata was, too.  So who would be the source of this metadata?
Well, there you have it.  Given this information, our original tipster has a suggestion:
Elementary, my dear Geiger - it seems like the logical next step. Hopefully, the book's publisher, Regnery Publishing will be just a forthcoming.  Stay tuned!

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