Thursday, May 21, 2015

RESET THE CLOCK! Failed Bronx Assembly Candidate Arrested for Voter Fraud!

Someone's been a naughty wittle candidate (allegedly) - Photo by NY Daily News
Here we go again.

We're resetting the BEL "NY Corruption Clock" for the third time in the past month based on this little bit of news courtesy of a former candidate for NY Assembly who was arrested for voter fraud in connection with an absentee ballot scam.  Here's the story from the NY Daily News's Ben Kochman:

A Bronx politician allegedly cheated — and still lost the election.
Hector Ramirez was arrested Tuesday on massive voter fraud charges in his failed 2014 Assembly bid.
Ramirez and his allies went door-to-door in his west Bronx district duping voters into letting the veteran pol’s campaign staff vote on their behalf, a prosecutor charged as the 242-count indictment was unsealed.
And the kicker of it all?  Ramirez ended up officially losing by 2 votes.  So he couldn't even commit fraud enough to win.  That's a special kind of stupid. 

Who would want someone who is dishonest AND incompetent in Albany!


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