Thursday, May 28, 2015

ICYMI - America: Stop Suing Everyone!

Amanda Kohut pinch hits for a conspicuously absent Russell Gallo to join Gene Berardelli Behind Enemy Lines LIVE from the "People's Republic of" New York City.

 After a brief discussion about how character counts in the context of the Josh Duggar controversy, Gene and Amanda welcome the Senior Fellow from the Center for America Bob Dorigo Jones. Even BEL Contributor Matt Fairley (another lawyer) felt compelled to jump in on the action.

 Then Amanda and Gene are joined by BEL contributor / PolitiChick Mona Salama to talk about how liberal policies have led to an overly-reactive and under-proactive police force in liberal cities - and how that led to increased murders from Chicago to Baltimore and DC to New York.

 All that - plus WHO YA GOT! for Buffoon of the Week! Voting opens... NOW!

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