B*tch Had It Coming - The Left's "Victim Shaming" Of Pamela Geller

For those of you unfamiliar with the term "victim shaming" used in the title of this post, here's a definition from Urban Dictionary (emphasis added):
Victim Shaming - When the victim of an event is blamed, or partially blamed, for their own attack. Mainly used in context with rape, domestic abuse, sexual harassment and sexual assault, but can be applied to other situations. It wrongly shifts blame from the guilty party onto the victim, and therefore doesn't (or makes it more difficult to) punish the one truly at fault. The term was popularized by the SlutWalk movement, which started after a Canadian police officer advised female students to "avoid dressing like sluts" in order to avoid being victimized.
Person#1: "I know being raped is bad and all, but she was flirting with him the whole night, and wearing that low-cut shirt. What'd she expect?" 
Person#2: "Dude, sex has NOTHING to do with rape. It's all about power. And even if it did, flirting and wearing a low-cut top doesn't mean she was asking to be attacked like that. So, why don't you quit the victim shaming and admit what that guy did was wrong."
Basically, the concept is that a victim's behavior does not excuse or condone any wrongful act.  We hear this from the Left all the time - think about how you heard how Michael Brown criminal acts did not excuse or condone what they argued was a wrongful shooting.

But what if the victim is a conservative?  Oh, well a different set of rules apply.

Listen to the first question MSNBC's Chris Matthews asks his guest, and ask yourself - would Matthews be asking that question about a shooting victim or a rape victim?

This is the "but she was flirting with him the whole night, and wearing that low-cut shirt. What'd she expect?" equivalent  for victims of terrorism that the Left doesn't like.  Since when do we demonize a victim of a terror attack?  ANd since when do we excuse a terror attack by focusing on who the victim is?

But let's go further - the guest's answer is priceless. This attack was expected? Again, the terror equivalent of "the b*tch had it coming"  But keep listening. Talk about Islamophobia! Did he just paint millions of American Muslims with such a broad brush by saying that the attack should have been expected?  Is the bar for accepted behavior by said Muslims really THAT low that any perceived "offensive" discourse SHOULD expect a TERROR ATTACK?!?  

Matthews goes on to call this "predictable" - again, justifying the terrorist acts.  Because if you insult Islam, you'll get an attack.  Keeping low expectations is the most insidious form of modern racism.  (More on this in a later post).

The "causality factor" as Matthews so disgustingly puts it is nothing more than blaming the victim.  Shame on him, and the tingle running up his leg. 
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