Thursday, April 2, 2015

ICYMI - NRCC's Ian Prior Goes Behind Enemy Lines!

Ian Prior, National Press Secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, went Behind Enemy Lines with Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo to talk about the special election set for May 5 in New York's 11th Congressional District between Republican Dan Donovan and "fourth-tier"  Democratic candidate, Vincent Gentile. 

But before that, Russ gives everyone his conspiracy theory on why NJ Senator Robert Menendez was indicted this week on federal corruption charges - and it all has to do with President Obama's penchant for "settling scores" with his enemies.  

Then, Gene does his best Gallo impersonation by going off on more than one rant about the controversy surrounding Indiana's RFRA law, and why supporting Indiana's new law is part of the fabric of American political culture. 

And of course, with my corny sense of humor, I "Rick Roll'd" our listeners before the show started!  Buffoonery.   Tune in for one great show!

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