Thursday, February 19, 2015

ICYMI - RINO Talk With Amanda Ko-Hack!

When Russ is away, the Ko-Hack will play!

BEL's resident "establishment" voice (or as Russ Gallo calls her, the "RINO in the Room") Amanda Kohut lends her perspective to the Republican field as we march down the road towards Elections 2016.

But before we get to that, Gene interviews election attorney Ron Castorina, who scored an amazing win over NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo when he convinced the federal Courts to compel him to call for the special election in NY-11, which was vacated by Michael Grimm over 40 days ago. Castorina takes us through the law, the strategy and what this win means to constitutional conservatives.

All that, plus a special guest announce for BEL's CPAC coverage and Buffoon of the Week! Tune in!

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