CPAC 2015 - Jason and David Benham!

Clearly, the women of Behind Enemy Lines are behind the bookings this year - every guest announced so far are far superior in the looks department over Russ and I. 

Nonetheless, we are thrilled to announce the return of Jason & David Benham to Behind Enemy Lines at CPAC 2015!

In addition to probably being the best looking guests we've ever intrviewed, The Benham Brothers, twins and serial entrepreneurs / real estate geniuses, have a combined 20 years of marketplace experience and have created several sustained and profitable companies throughout the US and internationally. 

And they're former professional ballplayers.  

Smart.  Athletic. Rich. And good looking.  


Jason and David's business accomplishments have been recognized by dozens of publications, including Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ernst & Young, Wall Street Journal, and Business Leader Media.  They hosted Flip It Forward on HGTV. which guided families new to house flipping as they found the right place, fixed it up and flipped it. The show was cancelled after HGTV caved to pressure from the Left after the brothers' pro-Christian beliefs came to light.  

David and Jason have a book coming out in the near future - Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully that is available on February 10.

In Whatever the Cost readers will find principles the Benhams use every day. Their five go-to tips for success are:

1. Be faithful in little.
2. Be a fountain and not a drain.
3. Breathe life.
4. Be a producer and not a consumer. 
5. Give more in value than you take in pay.

These same principles that resulted in the Benhams’ real estate success originally landed the Benhams a TV show. Though they were eventually fired, the Benhams wouldn’t change a thing. In the book, the brothers write about the relief they felt once they were fired.

“We believe that in order to live life powerfully—no matter your motivation—you must continually face your fears and die to your dreams,” said the Benhams. “For us, that meant dying to our dream of becoming reality TV stars, because we weren’t willing to compromise on matters involving our faith. The principles we share in Whatever the Cost will help readers to find success by living their lives in a powerful way.”  
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  1. "...every guest announced so far are far superior in the looks department over Russ and I."

    We might have been rode hard and put away wet but I wouldn't go that far counselor.


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