Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wait Until You See What Hillary Is Most Admired For

I felt compelled to write this story after reading that Hillary Clinton was voted the Most Admired Woman in a Gallup poll for the 19th time. 19 times!

For those who do not understand my frustration in this, let me list Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments:

– As First Lady, her major initiative, the Clinton health care plan, failed to even gain approval from Congress

– Also during her term as First Lady, she was subpoenaed and testified before a federal grand jury about the Whitewater controversy, which was an investigation into illegal loans that the Clinton’s had pressured people into giving and a bank concealment of transactions regarding Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign in 1990

– She became a model for cheated on women everywhere for staying by Bill Clinton’s side after the Monica Lewinsky scandal

– She conveniently moved to ultra-blue New York in early 2000 in order to run for the Senate seat that same year that was open due to retiring Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

– During her terms in the US Senate, she had a whopping bills that she sponsored become law. While she sponsored bills at a dizzying pace, a mere 13% of her bills actually made it to committee, below the 17% average of bills going to committee.

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