No Indictment for NYPD Officer Who Put Eric Garner In "Chokehold"

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Yesterday, a Staten Island grand jury chose not to indict an NYPD officer for using a chokehold move that killed Eric Garner, adding more fuel to the race-baiting fires lit across the nation.

Garner died on July 17 after he resisted arrest while officers attempted to handcuff him for selling loose untaxed cigarettes, commonly referred to on the streets as “Loosies”.  The fatal encounter was caught on video by witnesses, which show NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo putting Garner in a “chokehold”, a move prohibited by the NYPD’s policies and procedures. Garner last words -  “I can’t breathe” - was heard numerous times on the video, words which may have first been seen as a ploy to get the officers to free him from restraint.

Police are not barred by the law from using a “chokehold” during an arrest, but it's a violation of the NYPD’s regulation policy. Medical examiners ruled the cause of death to be a “homicide” – a word used in clinical, not legal terms - based on the compression of the neck and chest, and prone positioning during physical restraint by police. However the autopsy also attributed Garner’s death to his heart disease and asthma caused by his obesity.

For his part, Garner was no saint himself, as he had multiple encounters with the police. having been arrested on 31 occasions, and he most likely knew what he was doing was unlawful. For this instance, he was on the street selling untaxed cigarette, which in this Nanny state is considered to be against the law.

Before the altercation, Garner shouts with the officers, “This stops today” as he struggles with officers to prevent being restrained. That right there tells you there is at least a question whether the arresting officers' lives are at stake. As he fights arrest, the officer begins to wrap his arm around Garner’s neck and under his arm. Garner, a  6’3, 350-pound man struggles, and is put to the ground.

Was Garner choked to death as the media and the race baiters make it appear that it happened? Or was Garner in poor health and should have known better than to struggle with multiple police officers.  Had Garner been healthy, would he have died from the officer “chokehold”?  These are questions for a civil action, not a criminal court.

The 23-member Grand Jury viewed the video and the medical examiner’s report used as evidence when determining to indict the officer. So why didn’t they? But why did the 23 members of the Grand Jury, decline to indict the officer with the video evidence and medical examiner's report that ruled the death a homicide? They voted that the officer didn’t break the law. All the evidence and testimony heard and saw, they concluded the Officer action showed no intent to harm and it was an unnecessary death of Garner resisting arrest.

Cops have a tough job. Period. They deal with people who hate them and are obnoxious to them, but always answer the call of these hypocrites when needed. Learn from this - if a cop is trying to arrest you and you resist, something may go wrong.

Police don’t wake up everyday to go to work trying to kill anybody let alone to kill a black man. At the end of the day we should be thanking them for keeping our city safe and protecting us.

Enough with the cop bashing.
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