Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spiking the #Decision2014 Football!

"So Light 'em up, up, up...  Light 'em up, up, up...  Light 'em up, up, up....I'm on fire!"
Fresh off of We Are America Radio’s record-breaking independent grassroots national election coverage for #Decision2014, Gene Berardelli and BEL Contributor Diana Sepulveda wrap up WAAR’s midterm election coverage the way it started – with a great episode of Behind Enemy Lines!

Gene and Diana recap the 2014 “Republican Tsunami” by running down the biggest upsets and notable “firsts” from last night, recap WAAR’s independent coverage and how it stacked up against the lamestream media, pick winners and losers on both sides, and crown an election “Buffoon of the Week”

And if you listen really closely in the background, you might hear Gene’s nephew, Marcos Antonio, throwing a bit of a tantrum! No, he’s not a liberal-in-training…

It’s the perfect ending to a perfect election cycle!

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