Thursday, October 16, 2014

This Week, We Did It Live!

"F*** it, we're doin' it live!"  - Bill O'Reilly

Check out this week's Behind Enemy LInes - it's our first LIVE broadcast on We Are America Radio.

This week, WAAR contributor Amanda Kohut trades barbs with co-host Russ Gallo over same-sex marriage while I try to figure out what that ringing sound is in my headphone (it's a caller, dummy!)

No, that actually happened - sorry!

Then, Gene and Russ discuss the latest Ebola/CDC news, as well as the NY Times' story exposing the discovery of chemical weapons caches in Iraq some ten years ago.

Plus, who was this week's "Buffoon of the Week" - was it Houston Mayor Annise Parker for attempting to bully pastors off of their bully pulpit?  Or was it the CDC for their inept and dangerous "pass the buck" reaction to nurses infected with Ebola.  Or could it be those "purple penguin" pushers  in Nebraska and California and their "gender inclusiveness"?  Find out who the chatroom voted for!

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