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According to an AP-GfK poll "[t]wo weeks before Election Day, most of the nation's likely voters now expect the Republican Party to take control of the U.S. Senate... And by a growing margin, they say that's the outcome they'd like to see."

Even more interesting is that according to this same poll likely female voters prefer Republicans to take control of Congress 44-42%

So what gives? According to the Democrats and their yellow journalist friends, the Republican Party has waged a "War on Women" since the Emancipation Proclamation.

The dirty secret is that women are a lot like men!

They care about the same issues that men care about. They make up the majority of college students and are neck and neck with men when it comes to their participation in the work force. In September, the unemployment rate for women edged out men for the first time in years despite a Democrat-controlled Senate and a left-of-Stalin liberal in the White House.

Those polled agree with my WAAR Plan post.  The top issues that likely voters care about are the economy, healthcare, terrorism, ISIS, and Ebola.  Republicans are preferred over Democrats by huge margins when it comes to protecting our country (National Security) and are also in the lead when it comes to handling Ebola (which I argue should be considered a National Security priority). 

Women have and raise (for the most part) our nation's children. They keep families together, work, and are generally better educated than men.

More important ( at least politically) than all that is that women vote in higher percentages than men do. This is why the leftists tried their "War on Women" campaign.

With only two weeks to go to the midterm election, this is not good news for the Libs.

Republicans need to lay out their platforms and give all voting groups solid reasons to vote for them. This doesn't mean that they should pander to these groups as poll after poll shows that people care about the same issues regardless of gender or ethnicity and that when informed as to what the Republican Party actually stands for they are more likely to vote for them.
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