Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brooklyn's 45th Assembly District: Two Democrats on the Ballot and a Political Whore Run Amok

This November there will  be candidates on both the Republican and Democratic lines for the assembly seat in Brooklyn's 45th.  Steven Cymbrowitz (D) will be on the Democratic column and Ben Akselrod (D) will be on the Republican column.

How can this be you ask?

This usually happens because of a law in New York that allows political parties (even fake ones like the Conservative and Independence parties) to cross endorse candidates from other parties known as the "Wilson-Pakula."

In this instance however, there are a couple of political whores, that claim to be Republican, that helped secure the Republican line for a Democrat through an opportunity to ballot petition that allowed people (about 60 of them...) to write in a candidate's name on primary day. This form of voting is fraught with errors and fraud.

Let's identify the players:

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D)

Ben Akselrod (D)
Joseph Hayon- Political Whore (RINO)
In 2010, Mr. Hayon ran unsuccesfully for the assembly against Mr. Cymbrowitz. In 2012, when I ran against Mr. Cymbrowitz (I am a Republican and have served on the State Committee since 2005) Mr. Hayon did not support me or even sign my petition to get on the ballot. Instead he actively supported a Democrat named Akselrod who wound up receiving less than 22% of the vote on election day.

Fast forward to 2014 and Mr. Hayon lobbied the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee (somehow he is on the County Committee and Executive Board as a Republican!?) to give our line to, wait for it, Democrat- Ben Akselrod!

Did Mr. Hayon try to recruit an actual Republican to run for the seat? No. Did Mr. Hayon seek to have Mr. Akselrod register as a Republican or at least pledge to do so after the election? No.

So what gives?

Joseph Hayon is a RINO and a political whore; among other things...

In 2013 Mr. Hayon actively supported Democrat Erick Salgado for mayor of New York City. There were two Republicans in the race but Hayon turned his back on both of them.

Mr. Hayon does not support Congressman Michael Grimm or State Senator Marty Golden; both Republicans running for reelection this year.

I still live in the 45th Assembly District and I wanted to alert my fellow Republicans to the scam being played on them by Mr. Hayon and his non-Republican buddies.

Do not vote for Ben Akselrod this November. He is and always will be a Democrat!

And as for Mr. Hayon, he is and always will be________.

(Feel free to have fun with that one in the comment section below)


  1. Don't forget that Hayon also supported democrat Dov Hikind!

    Hayon is and always will be a SNAKE!

  2. And don't forget that Hayon was Hikind's candidate for City Council last year, running in a district he didn't even live in.

  3. Hayon is and always will be a piece of trash.

  4. Hayon is and always will be the Jewish Al Sharpton.

  5. Also don't forget when Hayon touted on his own website starting a "Republican" club made up of mostly Democrats...

  6. And remember the Brooklyn GOP Executive Meeting when he said that there are no major holidays in the month of May...

    Guess Memorial Day isn't major to him...

  7. Hayon is and always will be galewynns man crush


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