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For the past six months here in New York, the most liberal minded City Council (aligned with a progressive mastermind we have as a mayor) have shown us their agenda are coming to life and the real issues such as school, crime and relieving economic burdens are not important to emphasize as IDs for illegal immigrants . 

The failed legislation they have pushed last year are this year's accomplishments, and it shows that the next upcoming 3 years will be nothing but a leftist agenda gone crazy.

Lets breakdown to the past six months the progressive City Council has spent its time and city's money. 

During the city’s annual budget meeting in June, the council has agreed to pass $75 billion dollar budget for the 2015 fiscal year, an add on of $5 billion, 7% more than last year, due to the settling of UFT teachers’ contract. The Mayor added on to the city’s budget for his -campaign-promised Universal Pre-K program expansion, although the state has given $300 million for this program. Then there's Vision Zero, another of the Mayor’s program  to introduce traffic safety measures and new speeding signs (which his motorcade was caught ignoring on camera!). New initiatives needed was included in this state fiscal budget, such as 200 new officers and covering the cost for free lunch all year round for public middle school students. The add-ons to the city’s budget right here show how our council leaders think tax dollars grow on trees.

One of the craziest acts the City Council passed recently has is the new identification card for illegal residents. Created as a form of ID for undocumented residents, the City Council has shown it's OK to break the law because progressives in power will protect you by doing so - just remember to tell your legal family and friend to vote our way. Integrating legal with non-legal with a municipal ID will now be a stepping-stone for illegal status to vote. Since this bill is passed, it is not hard to imagine that a reintroduction of last year failed measure to expand voting to all residents regardless of citizenship or immigration status will soon be back on the floor at City Hall and you can best believe this bill will be passed with only 3 votes saying "No" to this - two on Staten Island and one from Queens. 

Hey, if illegals can now have IDs, they might as well be able to vote, too. What does citizenship matter anymore? That's the progressive way.

Another second-chance measure re-introduced this year, paid sick leave was brought back into the table after Mayor Bloomberg's veto.  Not only did it pass, it was also expanded as well. The original bill covered  businesses with 15 employees. The new bill now covers businesses with only five employees. This rushed bill  has little to no regard for small businesses already struggling to survive in our over-regulated,  over-burdened NYC environment. The expense of providing paid sick leave for a week for each worker can result in layoffs or cutting hours for workers to cover the burden, making it harder than before to actually survive in this expensive city. Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Canarsie), the lead proponent for handcuffing New York's Finest with unnecessary restraints, wants to push this bill further by adding paid vacation time. 

I wonder who is going to pay for this ridiculous add-on! Vacation time is rewarded based on time accumulated for working on a job a certain time.  Workers earn it.  But no, let's give it away.  It's the progressive thing to do.

I wish I could say all that was read here was a joke. I wish I could laugh along with the crowd, but it’s now our new law and our new budget. New York is not becoming Democrats vs. Republicans, it's Liberals vs. Unrealistic Liberals. They aim to make New York the new model for a progressive city. 

Guess no one knows their old progressive history.  Just take a look at Detroit.
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