RINOs and Democrats Need Not Apply: Brooklyn GOP issues NO (ZERO/NADA) Wilson-Pakulas to Democrats in 2014 cycle

In what was an unprecedented move in Brooklyn GOP politics (since I have been around) not a single Democrat was granted permission to run on the Republican line this cycle. This comes on the tails of an unsuccessful attempted coup of the party led by Senator Marty Golden and his ragtag group of political hacks calling themselves "Republicans for Change." Some of the RINOs are actually on the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee and voted to grant several Democrats access to the Republican brand.

Once again they were defeated handily by actual Republicans led by yours truly--- Russell Gallo, Brooklyn GOP Secretary.

Of note, Ben Akselrod and Simcha Felder (both Democrats) were the two hotly debated candidates since both were running in districts where there were no Republicans running. In the end both were denied the line despite some very influential characters exerting pressure over members of the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee.

The days of the "Golden Parachute" and "Golden Deal" are over. Anyone that would entertain selling out our line to a Democrat to make their own races less competitive (or more so in cases where the beneficiary is an underdog Republican seeking support from supposed power-players from certain "communities") should be tarred and feathered.

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  1. Those on the outside looking in do mot realize what a bellwether moment this was. To re-build, you go back to your core. Our core should be - and actually are - Republican core values. The message of those values cannot be carried by fence-sitters who claim "conservative" credibility, but pledge their political support to another party in the name of political gamesmanship.


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