LIVE! Next Week - The "I" Pool!

We're Taking Politics and Fantasy Sports - and smushing them both together into some big, messy year-long fun! 
Next Wednesday at 9 PM on the show, we're doing something that (I think) no one has ever done in politics.  At least, not publicly.

Brooklyn GOP Radio will be holding a fantasy sports-like draft where everyone who wants to participate will select their choice of 5 politicians / candidates / political entities that they believe will be involved in an "I" in the next 12 months.

What is an " I " ? Glad you asked!

An " I " is not a good thing. Not at all. A politician gets the dubious distinction of an "I" if s/he is associated with an:

IMPLICATION (as in a scandal)

If you've been following NY politics for any amount of time, you have seen that the Big Apple has so many worms eating through it, that it is practically rotten to the core.  On both sides of the aisle, arrests, convictions, indictments - most people engaged in politics are probably de-sensitized to it.  

But the question being whispered by politicos out there is "who's next?"  Those of you who know Brooklyn GOP Radio know we don't whisper.  We're gonna put it out there - all in the name of satiric fun.  

Participants will be choosing those they believe will most likely be involved in one or more "I's" from a pool of people that include elected officials - and 2014 candidates for corresponding office - out of various state and city public offices and party organizations.  

Then, after the draft, it's on!  For the next twelve months, participants can make trades, pick up pols from the "waiver wire", and even make side deals and fun wagers between and among each other.  After one year - only one member of our whacked-out crew shall be the "Kreskin of Korruption!"  

Tune in on May 14th to watch the mud fly!
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