BUFFOONERY: Rolling Stone & Julia Louis-Dreyfus Re-Write History... On Her Back

In case you miss this past week's show, we inducted Rolling Stone Magazine and "Veep" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is "Buffoon of the Week" for the now-infamous cover featuring a nude "Elaine" (don't stare directly at the cover...) with a tattoo of the Constitution... signed by John Hancock?

If you're going to satirize history, at least be accurate!  Fact-check your covers, Rolling Stone!  Geez!

Well, it appears that Louis-Dreyfus is doing her best damage control, tweeting out a photo of her as a baby with a Hancock-shaped "birth mark".  Clearly, a tasteful come-back.

Check out this past week's show for our discussion of this and more. 
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