Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ICYMI: My Appearance on Brooklyn Public Network's BK Live!

In case you missed the live broadcast, Gene joined hosts Brian Vines and Aaron Watkins for a discussion of Conservative Brooklyn Radio along with Brooklyn media mogul / kingmaker Gregory Davidzon.  We talked about conservatives on the radio, CPAC and being a Republican in Brooklyn.  Check it out!

I had a blast talking with Brian and Aaron, who are hosts that let their guests shine.  It was an honor to be on with Gregory - we don't always see eye to eye on all things politics, but he has always been a gentleman towards me. 

A shot from the outside looking into the studio -can't wait to do this again!


  1. Gene- You kicked ass!

    Brian Vines is a true gentleman and I hope he goes far in this business. What a great new show and a great co-host in Aaron Watkins.

    The only question I have is when is Brooklyn GOP TV taking to the airwaves???

  2. Like anyone would want to see this mug in their living room on the regular... please! LOL


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