More #EpicFail: Nocera Throws Facebook Tantrum, "Steals" Facebook Group

(not an actual photo of Glenn Nocera - but pretty darn close if you ask me!)


Some of you know Glenn Nocera.  He's done a lot of... let's call them interesting things in his career as an active Republican.  

He has run for office and got 7% of the vote - #EpicFail. 

He has helped others run for office, just to get knocked off the ballot - #EpicFail.  

He called Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton a "nasty son of a bitch" at the Brooklyn GOP County Convention - #EpicFail. 

He joined Republicans for Change as a way to try to take over the leadership of the Brooklyn GOP - #EpicFail. 

He sued the duly elected Brooklyn Republican Party leadership, but left out necessary parties.  #EpicFail. 

He's a connoisseur of music (skip to the last four minutes of our last show... if you dare) -  #EpicFail. 

And now, mere hours after this latest #EpicFail,  the reigning 3rd Place Buffoon has taken the last refuge of a coward - censorship. 

Our good buddy Glenn has taken to censoring the Brooklyn Republican Party Facebook group.  And kicking out yours truly - the duly elected Law Chairman of the Brooklyn GOP - from my organization's own Facebook group.  

See?  The resemblance is striking....
And why, might you ask?  Because I had the temerity... the testicular fortitude.... the unmitigated gall!  to post the decision in Matter of Rudiano, et. al. v. Eaton, et. al. on the Brooklyn Republican Party Facebook Group. 

And re-post it when he took it down. 

And re-post it when he took it down again. 

And re-post it when he took it down yet again.  

This is the first cyber-attack Nocera has levied.  You may remember his little stunt to attempt to skew our 2013 Buffoon of the Year voting with using proxy servers.  So his continued cowardice in hiding behind a keyboard should come as little surprise.  

While this may be funny for some, it is actually a serious breach.  You see, Glenn usurped control of the Facebook group by having a friend, Yvette Velasquez Bennett, add him as a moderator.  He then revoked the administrative access of all persons except himself and Ms. Bennett - including duly elected Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton. He then changed the description of the Group, removing the word "official" from the Brooklyn Republican Party Facebook group.  

In effect, Glenn Nocera stole the intellectual property of the Brooklyn Republican Party with wanton disregard for the rights that Hon David I. Schmidt confirmed just hours ago belonged to the duly elected Brooklyn GOP leadership.  

So this is the company that Senator Marty Golden is now keeping?

Needless to say this is a developing story.  And needless to say, we will not give in to terrorist tactics from the likes of Glenn Nocera. 

Stay Tuned. 
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  1. Here's a comment from my friend Paul Croteau from FTR that he sent to me on Facebook:

    "Dude. Are you trying to act like the Daily KOS founder or the commie douche bags over at Media Matters? Stop being a dick with the Brooklyn Republican Party page. Acting like a censoring little liberal bitch isn't going to win you any friends, it will do the exact opposite. Or, if this is how you normally act please do New Yorkers a favor and just switch over to the D side of the aisle to let your real personality show. A true conservative can handle disagreement without throwing an Internet tantrum. You are acting like Janine Garafolo for crying out loud."

    Thanks, bro.

  2. I find it curious that mere days after you helped your buddy Andy Sullivan, former candidate in CD47 (who lost very badly as well, btw) get a dismissal on an order of protection for aggravated harrasment against him requested by one of the petitioners of Matter of Rudiano, et. al. v. Eaton, et. al.! Gene, look in the mirror (if you can find one wide enough) and ask yourself "Am I that much of an asshole scumbag? Lets see if you don't censor this as well.

  3. No need to censor this at all. I'm just trying to read it and make sense of it. And I am sure others reading this are.

  4. Galewyn Massey - a frenemy of the show - has some choice comments about this situation. Give it a read.

    A short response: If all I have done is to "elevate" Glenn Nocera and helped people get to know his character (or lack thereof), yeah, I can live with that. :-)

  5. Nocera began harassing Lorraine McKeon Scanni a few months ago all but demanding he be made an admin of my "Michael Grimm goes to Congress" page, despite him never having even commented there in the past! For some reason he assumed she was a co-admin. She was pissed as Hell and told me all about it. It is quite obvious that Nocera - now joining other renegade "conservatives" in backing corrupt RINO fraud Michael Grimm - wanted to neuter that page by his old trick of becoming a "helpful" co-admin. . . and then deleting all other admins! He is now banned from that page. Our fight against RINO Grimm and the Establishment that backs him continues despite his efforts. I await the restoration of the official Brooklyn Republican Party page. As a final note, he had the gall to subsequently try to join all of HER many pages - up to no good surely. Lorraine was amused.
    - Tom Hilton

  6. I agree with Gene. And what is Glenn referring to? Another frivolous suit by the Golden/Nocera/Daley crew?

  7. Just saw this comment from Glenn Nocera on the blog, but for some reason, it is not appearing: I will post it here, and then respond in kind on my own reply.

    Boy Gene the law suit just ended yesterday and I was about to give craig back the Admin when I got home from work, then I seen how crazy you were acting with your threats towards me.Those threats trust me don't scare me. Craig is more then welcome to become the Admin again, not because of your threats because its the right thing to do. Someone had to step in and become the Adult in the room. Besides you guys never created that page and that's why I was made Admin back in Nov and some how you figured it out in the middle of Feb talk about being on your game Gene. Plus Craig was never removed from the page because he was not making the Republican Party of Brooklyn look like a bunch of nuts. He always could of posted anything about the Republican Party be it pictures of him at events or anything like that. You on the other hand exhibited behavior that is quite frankly disgusting. You do Chairman Eaton a disservice by acting like you are a cast member from Animal house. Chairman Eaton will be restored as Admin because we did lose on a technicality and he is the Chairman. So Gene despite you going crazy I was going to do it anyway. I do ask one thing and that is act like a human and represent your boss as a Chairman should be represented like a professional.
    Glenn Nocera Republican State Committeeman 44th AD.

    1. Glenn:

      Threats? What threats? I have screen shots of everything I put up, as you others. I will publish them, and then challenge you to show me a threat. I posted legal notices directing you to cease and desist your actions, namely deleting my posts without authority. Even Chairman Eaton saw it, and agreed with my actions. Like I said, it will all come out in the wash when I publish the screenshots.

      Of course we knew you were an admin since November, and did nothing because there was a lawsuit pending. We are plenty on our game here since you and your RFC "geniuses" came on the scene - just ask Judge Schmidt. The proof is in the results.

      You aspersions against me notwithstanding, I fully expect you to restore Craig's administrative access now that you have said as much. Please notify myself and the Chairman when you have done so.

  8. I find it funny that you only responded to the comment from Anon: re: censorship, but none of the other comments. Guess you find nothing wrong with backing a sociopath like Andy Sullivan who has been harassing a woman with threats of violence. And, just like the case presented by Nocera, et. al., both were not won by Eaton or Sullivan per se, but lost by the petitioners due to technicalities on their presentations. Enjoy your hollow victories.

    Glenn, congratulations on being the adult in this fight with these 2nd Graders!

    1. Please do not make allegations that you cannot back up. It is my understanding that any allegations against Andy Sullivan were heard, including testimony in open court under oath, and the case was dismissed because the alleged victim could not prove any case. So I strongly suggest that you refrain from defaming anyone on our site.

      As far as the county lawsuit, the decision speaks for itself.

  9. Gene, you will soon find out how wrong you are. If you had been in that courtroom, you would have seen that the majority of the testimony was ignored. Yes, the allegations were dismissed, but,in.y opinion, because of a lazy or coerced judge.

    1. Let's see.

      Ms. Maureen Daley is the plaintiff/petitioner in 2 court cases that are dismissed just a few days apart.

      In both cases the defendants/respondents are members of the Brooklyn GOP Executive Committee.

      Are we to believe that Ms. Daley isn't conducting a political witch hunt and filing frivolous lawsuits?


  10. You should call your buddy Steve Bartley and ask him what he REALLY thinks of Andy Sullivan.


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