More #EpicFail: Nocera Throws Facebook Tantrum, "Steals" Facebook Group

(not an actual photo of Glenn Nocera - but pretty darn close if you ask me!)


Some of you know Glenn Nocera.  He's done a lot of... let's call them interesting things in his career as an active Republican.  

He has run for office and got 7% of the vote - #EpicFail. 

He has helped others run for office, just to get knocked off the ballot - #EpicFail.  

He called Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton a "nasty son of a bitch" at the Brooklyn GOP County Convention - #EpicFail. 

He joined Republicans for Change as a way to try to take over the leadership of the Brooklyn GOP - #EpicFail. 

He sued the duly elected Brooklyn Republican Party leadership, but left out necessary parties.  #EpicFail. 

He's a connoisseur of music (skip to the last four minutes of our last show... if you dare) -  #EpicFail. 

And now, mere hours after this latest #EpicFail,  the reigning 3rd Place Buffoon has taken the last refuge of a coward - censorship. 

Our good buddy Glenn has taken to censoring the Brooklyn Republican Party Facebook group.  And kicking out yours truly - the duly elected Law Chairman of the Brooklyn GOP - from my organization's own Facebook group.  

See?  The resemblance is striking....
And why, might you ask?  Because I had the temerity... the testicular fortitude.... the unmitigated gall!  to post the decision in Matter of Rudiano, et. al. v. Eaton, et. al. on the Brooklyn Republican Party Facebook Group. 

And re-post it when he took it down. 

And re-post it when he took it down again. 

And re-post it when he took it down yet again.  

This is the first cyber-attack Nocera has levied.  You may remember his little stunt to attempt to skew our 2013 Buffoon of the Year voting with using proxy servers.  So his continued cowardice in hiding behind a keyboard should come as little surprise.  

While this may be funny for some, it is actually a serious breach.  You see, Glenn usurped control of the Facebook group by having a friend, Yvette Velasquez Bennett, add him as a moderator.  He then revoked the administrative access of all persons except himself and Ms. Bennett - including duly elected Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton. He then changed the description of the Group, removing the word "official" from the Brooklyn Republican Party Facebook group.  

In effect, Glenn Nocera stole the intellectual property of the Brooklyn Republican Party with wanton disregard for the rights that Hon David I. Schmidt confirmed just hours ago belonged to the duly elected Brooklyn GOP leadership.  

So this is the company that Senator Marty Golden is now keeping?

Needless to say this is a developing story.  And needless to say, we will not give in to terrorist tactics from the likes of Glenn Nocera. 

Stay Tuned. 
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