Year in Review: Top 3 Show Moments of 2013

With the year winding to a close, Brooklyn GOP Radio hosts Gene Berardelli & Russell Gallo recount their personal top 3 moments of 2013 - a year full of political and professional highs and lows.

GENE:  To pick up three moments that stand out to me is kind of hard because there were so many things in the past twelve months on the show.  But here goes:

#3:  CPAC 2013 - I had an absolute blast this year!  Radio Row was front and center at the new location in National Harbor, MD (holy crap, that hotel was nuts!) to the amazing number of guests we interviewed, from Allen West and Congressman Stockman to our friend Crystal Wright (who saved the show - again!) and new friends like IWF's Sabrina Schaeffer and J. Christian Adams.  And yes, we're going back again in 2014! Plus, Russ did his first solo interview! FINALLY!  

And, there will always be the one that got away.  Pro Tip For Amanda Kohut:  When interviewing Newt Gingrich, PUSH THE DAMN RECORD BUTTON!  :-)

#2:  Fmr. NRA President David Keene - I bet you thought this would be No. 1, right?  Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely amazing to get his first reaction to Gov. Cuomo's State of the State address.  It was freakin' sweet to see the show cited by the O'Reilly Factor and CBS This Morning and to hear our interview broadcast to millions over those airwaves.  It was great to get linked on The Drudge Report and just about every other national internet new outlet there is.  We hit one out of the park right at the beginning of the year.  The credibility of the show was firmly established

#1:  New (and Old) Friends - This is what Brooklyn GOP Radio has been about since Day One.  I always wanted the show to be a vehicle to attract new people to the Republican party here in Brooklyn, and it has really done that.  

Think about it, over the last 3 1/2 years, this show has been a vehicle for people to get themselves out there in the political world (go back through our blogs' archives and you'll find contributors who became elected officials, "first breaks" for journalists just starting out, and regular contributors on cable news shows and national radio, just to name a few), and Russell and I been glad to give them all a boost along the way.  

Whether it's helping "Vito and Vito" get off the ground, enjoying Bill Davidson's witticisms, earning the approval of The Honorable William P. O'Neil, III or giving Yak Attack an outlet for his... ummm, let's call them unique views, I'm proud that Brooklyn GOP Radio has been at the center of new energy in the local party that has had an impact in Brooklyn and beyond.  

Here's to more the same in 2014!

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