Free Speech Week Announcement - Brooklyn GOP Radio Hittin' The Airwaves Next Week!

WEDNESDAY October 30th at 9 PM on BlogTalkRadio - for the first time ever, nothing is out of bounds
It's no secret that Russ and I have been busy with campaigns, faction battles, lawsuits and other vendettas / pet projects.  With so many balls in the air, it's been hard to find the time for our favorite pastime - doing the radio show.  I knew it would take a real kick in the pants to get us back on the air.

Thankfully, Free Speech Week came at just the right time.  

The Media Institute, a nonprofit research foundation specializing in communications policy issues based in Washington, D.C, is encouraging every American to celebrate the First Amendment this week:  
Raise Free Speech Awareness by telling your friends about FSW. Talk to your kids about freedom of speech and how it affects their lives.
Exercise your right to free speech by posting a message online. Compose a poem. Display a bumper sticker. Keep a journal. Write a letter to the editor. Speak out at a rally. Express yourself in the ways that work best for you. Just let your voice be heard!
For the highest echelon of bloggers like Michele Malkin and Matt Drudge and our friends in the National Bloggers Club all the way down to little ol' us, Free Speech week is a reminder that citizen journalists are under fire. 

The Franklin Center wants you to know that Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee led by our own U.S. Senator - and perennial buffoon - Chuck Schumer and Sen. Lindsey Graham have attached an amendment to Senate Bill 987 which would give the Department of Justice power to determine who qualifies for protection as a journalist under the First Amendment.

So when you are exercise your free speech, remember to use the hashtag #IAM1A to remind Chuckie-boy that free speech is an act of free people, not a profession.  

so here's my little contribution to Free Speech Week: Don't call it a comeback - Brooklyn GOP Radio will be back on the air next week.  And this time around, it's no holds barred.  

Russ and I are coming back uncensored and unfiltered.  We're calling it as we see it about Democrats and Republicans alike. No topic - and no one - is out of bounds.  

I promise you - especially, all of you local political wonks from both sides of the aisle.  

Don't.  Miss.  This.  Show. 
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