Treyger-Gate: Democrat Politics 101 - Blame the Messenger

So is the Treyger campaign accusing Brooklyn GOP Radio of "fraudulently" reporting on his campaign's alleged fraud?  According to YWN: 
A spokesman for the Treyger campaign told YWN that there’s no further evidence, other than the Republican bloggers, that the note was placed on the bulletin board. The spokesperson noted that Mr. Treyger’s club is one of the most efficient progressive clubs in NYC, and that all of the volunteers and operatives are well trained to follow the petition collecting according to the law.
Let's analyze this paraphrased statement, shall we?

"there's no further evidence, other than the Republican bloggers, that the note was placed on the bulletin board."

So the NOTE wasn't there, but the petition was?  Is this an accusation that there is a Brooklyn GOP Radio-related conspiracy afoot against poor lil' innocent victim Mark Treyger?   Because, you know, we ain't got nothing better to do than to put up fake notes and flyers about Mark Treyer right next to Democratic Petitions that just so happen to have Mark Treyger's name on it. 

And put it under the same piece of duct tape used to affix the petition.

I'm sure, if necessary, Brooklyn YRs President Diana Sepulveda, who discovered the petition WITH the note in the first place, would be happy to sign a sworn affidavit as to what she saw, how she found it, how she took the photo, and the like.  

If any of Mr. Treyger's opponents - Democrat or Republican - are interested in such a thing, contact the show blog.  

Wouldn't it have been easier to just say "Wow, that's messed up.  We'll find out who did that, and make sure we don't claim those signatures from that person."  ???

No, not really, especially if they're going to turn a blind eye to the fraud, blame and vilify the messenger, and add the signatures to their count.  That sounds about right for southern Brooklyn Democrats - in the proud grand tradition of frauds, deviants and criminals like Anthony Weiner and Carl Kruger.  

I'm sure they're pleased as punch. Just look at Mark Treyger.  He's all grown up - the lackeys of yesterday becoming the sleazeballs of today.  
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  1. Because that's still not even a little bit legal. I guess if you're a Democrat in NY the law doesn't matter.

  2. Hey Aiyana!

    Glad you stopped by.

    NYC Democrats aren't satisfied with their registration advantage and an unfair petitioning system. They still resort to tactics like these.

    Anyway, I encourage our readers to stop by Aiyana's blog (she is prez of Schenectady YRS).

  3. I totally agree, Russ. Check out Aiyana's site, and read the first post for the backstory on it!

    Aiyana and Russ: You both nailed it. There is a slanted playing field in NYC politics where Republicans are continually running uphill.

  4. Treyger if you are lying you will spend just a little time in hell maybe just 7 1/2 seconds which only comes to around a month or so and the skies are red and there you be on a rack and the temperature is around 100 and your feet dangle as the demons pitch you over and over and you don't sleep so come clean and confess lol the bullshit these people pull but I love you anyway Treyger and I don't even know you and after a month I will come to you and put my hand on your should and ask you have you learned yet what it means to be honest and not to lie for that is one of the 10 commandments is it not.Bye


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