The New Boss of the NYSYR - Brooklyn's Diana Sepulveda!

Congratulations to the NEW Chair of the New York State Young Republicans - our own Brooklyn YRs President, Diana Sepulveda! 

 Diana took over leadership of the NYSYR today at the NYSYR Convention in Staten Island. Diana has been an active Young Republicans for many years. Before leading our organization, Diana was Vice President of the Staten Island Young Republicans and Vice Chair of the NYSYR. She has also been integral in the continuing growth of our organization. Now, she is the first State Chair from Brooklyn in nearly a generation! 

 It goes without saying that the Brooklyn Young Republicans and the Brooklyn GOP are so proud of Diana's latest accomplishment. We here at the Brooklyn Young Republicans look forward to Diana's tenure leading the State YRs with the same intelligence, leadership and grace she has brought to Brooklyn.

We here at Brooklyn GOP Radio congratulate our good friend for her latest accomplishment!
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  1. Congratulations and stay positive with all your thoughts, in future tomorrows the Republican Party will start to mount victory after victory and your smile will be bigger than it is in this photo.

  2. Batman, Catman, Diana, Tommy and The Voice here is something to think about and this can be done before the next election in 2016

    Politics it is becoming a sore spot in the eyes of many and maybe the average citizen is seeing this more and more.

    Maybe many politicians should wake up to this fact, that the general public see's right thru all the lies and scams many of them pull and all the under the table deals that are made because of power and greed.

    All you have to do is to read the newspapers everyday or listen to the radio or watch television

    Very sad in deed.

    I know in my heart all politicians are not in it for the power and the greed. Many politicians in office and many who run are in the game to give back to the public and not to line their pockets.

    If you don't help your fellow human, your community or your country than you should not make politics your game of choice.

    You know after a while it becomes like a circus.

    Will it ever end, some promise this and promise that and than do the complete opposite who is the average man or woman to believe?

    I talk to the average people in the streets and very few want to get involved with their community and I fine this also very sad.

    To me who ever is running on The Republican line I will get signatures for if it's Lhota or if it is Catman and I am not looking for anything in return for in my mind The Republican Party has always been for the little man and if a rich man is running it is not to make money as most think, it's to give back what America did for them, the chance to become rich.

    Besides who knows the 31st Vice President was an American Indian and his name was Charles Curtis and Hoover was The President and they were Republicans

    This is what the Republican Party was all about and they should tell the voters this and let's not forget about another Republican President U. Grant and he also had an American Indian on his staff General Ely S. Parker who was a Seneca Indian from upstate New York and do all people of color know that after the Civil War, most people of color voted Republican.

    The National Republican Party and The State Party should get signs and or a booklet and remind people of this and let the Chinese, Latino, people of color and all other ethnic groups know this and let them see in writing all the positive things every Republican President has done since Lincoln and let's see how many Democrats we can get to switch over and maybe, just maybe The Republican Party will be The Party that Lincoln and Martin Luther King dreamed about, for Martin did have a dream!

  3. Congratulations Diana. I wish you success.

    The NYSYRs desperately need someone with your skill set to lead them and to get other young activists involved across the state.

    Good luck...


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