The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Commits Random Act of Journalism

The Daily Show (Comedy Central) is a left-wing show that pretends to be a news program. On 2/6/2013 Stewart discusses the Obama administration's drone program and really knocks it out of the park. He showed the blatant hypocrisy on display by both the administration and the mainstream media.

Definitely worth the watch. Funny and informative.

Part 1 of 2

Click the "read more" link to the second half.

Part 2 of 2

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  1. So who wants to start a petition to demand that the Nobel Peace Center rescind Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?

  2. Captain America

    With regards to President Obama's State of The Union. He blew The Republican Party Away.

    Then Rubio? We need to brainstorm this The Entire Party. Rubio sounded like a lost child. Heaven help the Republican Party I believe this is the beginning of the end of this once great Party that once stood for the little man.

    Wake up guys before it is too late. We in Brooklyn can change the tide for many states that were red last election will start to turn blue in the next President Election. Do not wait until June 2016 to act on what I told you before. It is your call.

    You guys have to become more in tune with what the little people want.

    What do you need a lighting bolt to hit 17th Avenue.

  3. Captain America

    You know guys Rubio seems like a nice man with great family values and the water drinking was not what I was making reference too.

    If you guys in your hearts think Rubio is going to be the answer to The Republican Party in the future who am I to say otherwise.

    I still like Rick Perry.
    Maybe in the future Texas will become it's own country again and dud President Perry.
    Just joking Russ.

    President Obama is playing The Republican Party and The Republican Party is falling right into the game plan.
    More and more Republicans I talk to are thinking about switching to The Democrats.

    We may never see another Republican President in this country ever again.

    Sad Sad Sad - I guess the truth hurts.....
    The Republican Party can't talk about anything
    The Gun Issue they run.
    Little children writing the President telling him they are afraid, still no answer from The Republican Party
    I wrote Grimm 7 months ago about guns before Newtown and he still has not answered me?
    Exactly what does this Republican Party really care about?
    Please Please guys tell me I am wrong.
    Do all Republicans just think about themselves and the rich. That's a lie right guys.
    The only time you need people is when you need signatures or some other bullshit.
    You know I must be getting old if I think this was the Party of Lincoln.
    Pretty soon Dyker Heights, Bath Beach and Bay Ridge will be all Blue and please in the future if you ever see me again. Remember I told you so, you guys are losing everything with in the next 16 years.
    WOW Good Luck and I wish you all the best


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