Liberal Madness on Full Display in Coney Island - UPDATED!

Recently, the principal of PS 90, Greta Hawkins, pulled the plug on her students singing "God Bless the USA" at their graduation and instead replaced it with a Justin Bieber song entitled "Baby."

The Brooklyn GOP, led by Chairman Craig Eaton and Congressman Bob Turner, held a press conference (after invitation by parents of students at the school) in front of the schoolyard with dozens of students to sing "God Bless the USA".  As you can see, they were heckled by a small handful of extremists who were cursing and babbling all kinds of nonsense in front of and, in some cases, directly at the kindergarten kids.

Read more about it here (links will be updated as more pop up!)

Principal Hawkins and the idiots that were spewing their unpatriotic vitriol ought to be ashamed of themselves - but of course, they won't be.

Since when is "God Bless The USA" not an "appropriate" song for school children to sing?

Since when does the Republican Party have no "right" to demonstrate in Coney Island, Brooklyn or anywhere else for that matter?

When did the left become so anti-American?

2012 is here. And November is coming soon.

UPDATE:  Our own TJK picks up on the Senate Election angle to this story mentioned by Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes - was this confrontation perpetuated by a Gillibrand "lurker"?

UPDATE No 2:  The media is starting to get wind of what's going on - even Rush Limbaugh weighed in on this!  Things are certainly getting interesting.
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  1. Captain America

    Go Russ Go. Your the best, keep up the good work!

    The next thing they will come up with you can't have baseball caps with the flag on it.

    or maybe you can't teach America History in schools no more.

    or maybe we can't sit with our families in front of our homes.

    or maybe, well enough of or maybe.

    Maybe we should all go back to where our grandfathers and grandmothers came from and forget about the dream they came here for.

    Maybe we should all just give in to the morons.

    Maybe we should just get off our asses and teach the morons what it means to be American.

    Maybe we should try harder to being more and more people over to The Republican Party.

    Maybe we should stop thinking about me, me and me.

    Well I could go on and on with maybe this and that.

    Let's go out and vote and change America the way it should be..

    Lets Go Everyone think positive

  2. I'm sitting here with my 8 year old daughter watching this video. She asked me "Mom, why are those people so upset at the children singing about God and America?" I told her that sadly there are people living here that hate this country. My daughter asked "Why don't they leave?"

  3. Out of the mouths of babes... :-) When the kids started out-shouting the potty-mouthed parents, I saw a glimmer of hope for the future!

  4. Just noticed that the guy saying to the kids "burn in hell" is Joe Packer from Domenic Recchia's office. A real "quality" human being. Absolutely shameful.

  5. Captain America

    Great Gene.

    We should advertise the blog in store fronts in Bay Ridge, Dyker, Boro Park, Sheepshead Bay, etc.

    Lets get the people mad!

    Lets get them angry!

    Lets get to the point they will see what the Republican Party is all about and just maybe we will take New York AD by AD and then New Jersey, etc.

    Just think Guys I am not that heavy into Politics, it may sound like it.

    If I was, I would go door to door if I could and I would get more done, in my mind I am 19, but my body I am ----

    And you all know I did go out with my ankles and legs hurting, so why can't we get the young out and the many other from different cultures

    Lets think positive for negative will have to flee and the Democrats will fall one by one.

    Bye and I stopped smoking for the 5th time, this time I hope for good

  6. Who'd ever think that music could stir up so much hate from the Taliban and the Democrats?

    "Folks, I still can't get over what happened. In New York, a bunch of kindergarteners who were told they couldn't sing "God Bless the USA" in school because it was divisive, essentially, go to a playground to sing it, and a bunch of Democrat adults show up to heckle them. And a Republican candidate for the Senate, Bob Turner, is there, standing in solidarity with the kids, the kindergarteners."

  7. Captain America

    Nice comments Tunnel.

    You have a great site.

    Think positive for the people will start to wake one by one.

    Tunnel chat about Charles Curtis for he was an American Indian and in The Republican Party he was The Vice President of the United States.

    You see Tunnel The Party of Lincoln was all ways for the little man and not the Rich.

    Lincoln and Grant are smiling down on you from heaven they know what you are doing for you are an extension of what they were.

    As The Republicans win seat by seat my visions for the future will come to par and America will be in it's glory for America is the Final Battle Ground Good against Evil


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