2012 Lincoln Dinner a HUGE Success!

Courtesy:  http://www.brooklyngop.com
Want even more proof of the Brooklyn Republican Renaissance?  Check out  BrooklynGOP.com:

Last night’s Lincoln Dinner at Gargiulo’s Restaurant was the largest and most successful event the Brooklyn Republican Party has held in over a generation.

More to come whenever Russ / TJK / I get a chance to post it!
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  1. Captain America

    Well here I am 50 years old, I work 16 hours a day to support my family, 6 days a week. My son and daughter can now have a green card.

    This is great, I am happy for my children for that is my dream for a better life for them and that is why I tell them to go to school.

    I love the President he is a good man.

    But my dreams, what about them?

    What about my daughter who is 32, lets forget her, she is too old.

    Sometimes I think, why did I ever come to America.

    I know in my heart I do deserve a green card and my daughter for that is my dream and what will the Republicans do now, will they let him get away with this, I hope not for I do understand the Republicans have always been for the little man or are they for the rich.

    I am confused!!!!

    My follow Republicans this person is as real as real can get.


    Captain America out for a smoke and memories of a time when Nathans was a nickel and me and my friends always fished at Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Plum Beach, Canarsie, and the Yankees, the Dodgers were my favorite teams along with The Giants for I did love all 3.

    Maybe I should stop writing and give up and not tell everyone I meet about being positive for all I see is negative all around me.

    Maybe I should become a monk and just shut up and watch everything get worst and worst until the end

    Maybe I should forget all that I see, feel and see in the future for America and the world.

    Maybe I should go back to 1955, where it was simple in my mind and I had no TV, just my comic books, my baseball cards and my stamp collections and I did not need to speak.

    Maybe I will do that and give up with you Republicans and everything else for now I think you just think about your self's and about favors.

    I know this can't be true what I just wrote for I know their are many of you who are good and you all know who you are. Stay positive my friends.

    I think it is time for me to say goodbye for me and politics do not jive.


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