Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ICYMI: Trump's War On The Media

It's time to go Behind Enemy (Head)Lines to discuss the escalation of hostilities between the Trump Administration and the mainstream media.  Who started it? Who escalated it? Did the Trump Administration waste political capital in fighting too many small battles? What is the motivation for the media to take down Trump? Dan Gainor from Media Research Center / NewsBusters has some answers for us.

Plus, we take a look at the litany of fake news stories that the media has conjured up against Trump since election day. Is this an organized effort? Or is it general incompetence?

All that, and Gene predicts the outcome of the 9th Circuit's (forthcoming) decision on the travel ban.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Make SCOTUS Great Again!

SCOTUS, President Trump, Behind Enemy Lines Radio
Behind Enemy Lines delves deeply into President Trump's nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch. What is his background? What does he believe in? What is his judicial philosophy? All this, plus we examine the political battle setting up in the Senate over his confirmation.

Then, Tea Party Patriots President and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin compares and contrasts the protests against President Trump and the tea party movement, and how the tea party movement sprang to protest liberal policies, while the recent protests are clearly aimed at the President himself, rather than any concrete policy. Martin also touches on the qualities of the ideal tea party Supreme Court Justice.

Then, Attorney Cynthia Garrett, Co-President of Families Advocating for Campus Equality (FACE), and Board President of Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE), the devestating impact of "Kangaroo Courts" on college campuses the sprouted out of the Obama Administration's  DOE, and what a Trump administration can do to balance between supporting the rights of the wrongfully accused and encouraging credible reporting of misconduct.

All that, plus Gene is really ticked off by a meme!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Disgusting Meme LIES About Americans Deaths & Dangers Of Accepting Refugees

Refugee Ban, Terrorism, President Trump
Some of you may have seen a disgusting meme circulating on social media that claims that no Americans - none - have been killed by "citizens" of countries from which President Trump is temporarily banning refugees. This slight-of-hand-fake-news-nonsense is far from true - in fact, thousands of Americans have lost their lives as a result of fighting acts of terrorism, and it neglects to highlight how these countries are either actors of terror or torn by terrorism themselves.

A few points before we begin: this is, by no means, meant to be an exhaustive list. Additionally, multiple state actors have been known to support terrorist groups, so I am sure there is to be an overlap with who is responsible for a certain event. I am also not doing a lot of "deep" research here - this is stuff one can easily find in a Google search. So no state secrets here. Finally, death of Americans is not the only indicator of the danger from terrorism emanating from a given country.

This post is simply meant to debunk the bull this meme is spreading.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ICYMI: And So It Begins: BEL's First Show Of the Era of Trump

Behind Enemy Lines Radio, Donald Trump, PoliticsThis week, Behind Enemy Lines takes a look at the first few days of the Trump administration - some
good, some bad and some ridiculousness!

Gene discusses the faux controversy over the attendance of President Trump's inauguration, the message Trump's re-commitment to the Keystone Pipeline sends to the nation and why the Women's March was a good and a bad thing. There's even a quick discussion of how the left's love of postmodernism led to the emergence of President Trump.

Check it out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

First Show Of The Year! David Keene, And The Left Trying To De-Legitimize President Trump

Behind Enemy Lines returns with its first show of 2017! We are joined by the Opinions Editor of the Washington Times and former NRA President and author of "Shall Not Be Infringed, The New Threats to Your Second Amendment", David Keene, who discussed the Obama administration's last gasp to infringe on your Second Amendment rights.

Few Americans know much about the Arms Trade Treaty negotiated and signed by the Obama administration, proposed for adoption by the United Nations three years ago, and still waiting for ratification by the U.S. Senate. President Obama, who would have pushed it along even earlier but didn’t want anyone to hear about it before the 2012 midterm congressional elections, when it was new. David and Gene discuss how the lane duck Obama administration is trying for ratification one last time, what that means to you, and what the incoming Trump administration can do in the face of this Treaty to protect law-abiding gun owners.

Then, Gene discusses the Democratic's incredulous attempt to de-legitimize President-elect Trump by boycotting his inauguration.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 Buffoon of the Year - Anthony Weiner!

Behind Enemy Lines, Buffoon of the Year, Anthony Weiner
The Rev. Al approves. 
It only took three tries, but Anthony Weiner is finally Behind Enemy Lines Radio's Buffoon of the Year, defeating Donna Brazile in a blistering finale!

This BOTY competition shattered all previous records for most votes recorded in a final, most votes recorded overall and, for our Weiner winner, he is now the all-time winningest Buffoon in history, adding an elusive championship to two runner-up performances.

This year's competition was hot and heavy, with some early upsets and some classic clashes. Weiner's road to infamy left John Podesta and his "password" in his wake in the first found, saw Marilyn Mosby and Colin Kaepernick suck defeat (as per usual) and left Donna Brazile looking for gasping for someone, anyone, to rig the outcome in her favor.  But in the end, Brazile had to settle for 2nd Rate Buffoon and Weiner prevailed.

In other news, Colin Kaepernick took home the consolation victory against the Huffington Post to earn his 3rd Rate Buffoon status.

Thank you to our growing listener base for all the love and support throughout this year's BOTY and, really, for all of 2016.  Onward and upward in 2017!

Monday, December 26, 2016


After what we hope was a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukhah and a joyous holiday season, it's come down to this - the 2016 Behind Enemy Lines Buffoon of the Year FINALS!

To see how each competitor made it this far and why they were nominated, check out our previous posts here, here and here.



And there you have it!  Voting is open from now until our first show of 2017 on January 3 at 10 PM ET!  It's your final chance to tell us "WHO YA GOT, AMERICA!"

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