Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ICYMI - Scottie Hughes Goes Back Behind Enemy Lines

Scottie Hughes, Behind Enemy Lines
Conservative journalist, author, former CNN contributor and Trump campaign surrogate Scottie Hughes goes back Behind Enemy Lines to discuss Kathy Griffin's disgusting photo shoot the terrorist attacks in Great Britain and more.

We also discuss her latest role as National Spokeswoman for the Committee to Defend the President Super PAC.  Does she think President Trump needs defending? We'll find out!

Scottie has always been a great friend of the show and we are always very happy to welcome her on the show, as we all share a love for conservative politics - and fine Italian pastries!

Plus, later in the show, we have a little bit of fun with Hillary Clinton's excuses tour!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ICYMI - Fear, Anger & Loathing After Manchester Attack

Behind Enemy Lines Radio, Manchester Attack
With news of the atrocious ISIS-inspired attack in Manchester comes a flood of emotions. Behind Enemy Lines recaps what we know, the fear that remains in the air, and Gene adds his views on these latest events.

Speaking of terrorism, has the #PeopleRepublicOfNewYorkCity finally gone off the deep end and is set to honor a convicted murderer and terrorist who killed New Yorkers? Gene gets angry as he breaks down this latest instance of a shocking lack of self-awareness in discussing the National Puerto Rican Day Parade's decision to honor a terrorist, and how corporate sponsors are running away in droves.

Finally, have you seen any evidence of collusion? It seems like the MSM is asking on an hourly basis. In the wake of the appointment of a special counsel to investigate alleged criminal activity in connection with Russian collusion, Gene delves into the Left's loathsome campaign to convict President Trump without evidence.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ICYMI: The Art Of The Deal Hits Washington

Behind Enemy Lines Radio, Donald Trump, President Trump
Behind Enemy Lines takes a hard look at the first real bi-partisan legislation negotiated by the Trump administration. Did Democrats REALLY win? The devil is in the details, as you'll find out!

Then, we welcome two dynamite guests! Bob Dvorchak is a Veteran, War Correspondent & Author . His most recent book "Drive On: The Uncensored War of Bedouin Bob and the All-Americans." In his new book, Bob draws a vivid picture of his days dug in with the 82nd Airborne, awaiting "go" time for Operation Desert Storm. He actually joined the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division (The All-Americans) to live with paratroopers prior to and during their invasion of Iraq. We discuss his book as well as the current state of journalism from the view of a "journalist's journalist".

Then, we are happy to welcome attorney Michelle Owens, who is defending young male college students from Title IX "kangaroo courts". Michelle is an expert in University Title IX cases, and is actively combatting University bias in these matters. She recently published an article in The Daily Caller revealing how the campus zealots are biasing the system and taking away students due process rights.

Top to bottom, an awesome show!

Friday, April 14, 2017

ICYMI - Exclusive Interview With Roger Stone!

Roger Stone, Behind Enemy Lines Radio
Courtesy: Esquire Magazine
This week, Behind Enemy Lines landed a HUGE exclusive interview with one of the men in the eye of the hurricane that is the claim of Russian interference in the 2016 Elections - political iconoclast Roger Stone. Gene and special co-host Gerald Gross talk to Roger about his new book, The Making of the President 2016, the upcoming Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone" and the latest on the Congressional investigation into his alleged involvement in the alleged Russian election hacking scandal. Expect nothing but Stone Cold Truth.

That, plus Gene discusses America's re-emergence onto the world scene with President Trump's proportional response in Syria, position on North Korea and more.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ICYMI - "Enemies" At Our Gates

FISA, Wiretapping, President Trump, Behind Enemy Lines Radio
This week, Behind Enemy Lines takes on a lot of heavy issues with a common thread - a look at emerging local, national and international "enemies" and what government can do to combat them.

First, a discussion of "sanctuary cities" in light of AG Jeff Sessions emphatic statement. We flash back to our interview with Rep. Lou Barletta from the past summer, which is a primer for those unfamiliar with the issue.

Then, we welcome back one of our most popular guests, national security expert, and former deputy assistant secretary of the Navy Van Hipp, who has some novel ideas on how to shut down leaks coming from the "enemies" in the intelligence community.

Finally, we check in with BEL contributor, Lobby Correspondent for the Observer, Andre Walker, with a discussion of the Westminster terror attacks of the past week.

And hang around for the show's final thought where our friend Jack Buckby explains, in his own words, the personal "enemies" he and his fiance are battling in the Anti-Fascist movement, and how you can help.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

ICYMI - Two Great Guests & Thoughts On The Gorsuch Hearing

Michael J Knowles, Elbert Guillory, Neil Gorsuch, Behind Enemy Lines Radio
We're happy to welcome two amazing guests this week on Behind Enemy Lines! First, we talk to Culture Correspondent for the Daily Wire - and Amazon No. 1 Best Seller Author - Michael J. Knowles, as we delve DEEP into his best-seller "Reasons to Vote For Democrats" - it's a real page turner! Then, BEL is honored to welcome Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory, as we discuss his efforts in leading the Louisiana GOP outreach to improve educational opportunity and economic re-birth.

All that, plus Gene talks about how proud he is to be a lawyer listening to the confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ICYMI - John Preston: Superman Falls

Behind Enemy Lines Radio, John Preston, Superman Falls

This week, we are very lucky to have our good friend John Preston, who not only talks a little politics with us, but also gets real personal about his new album and its first single, Superman Falls, a song dedicated to the memory of his brother, a veteran and police officer who committed suicide. This is one powerful interview.

John Preston is a Pacific Records recording artist and full-time firefighter. Preston was a Marine Corps field wireman from 2000 to 2004 achieving the rank of Sergeant in his 4 years of service and with Second Battalion Seventh Marines (2/7) served as a mission squad leader for 2/7 H&S running over 100 combat missions while in theater. He has shared his work with us in the past, and we have always enjoyed sharing John's work

Get John's new album on iTunes, and sort his collaborative effort Battle Cry: Songs of America's Heroes, featuring singles donated by veteran artists, on sale now. 

Then, Gene brings up his first grievance with the Trump administration - the firing of Asst. US Attorney Preet Bharara.  Has Gene gone full RINO?  Listen as he airs his complaints and how he believes Trump may have just created the Democrats' latest matinee idol.

It's a packed show - tune in!

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